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“Fragments of Ash” (2011)

I wrote the music for the Play “Fragments of Ash” (by Terry Victor) as an intentionally Westernized, almost Hollywood take on Afghani culture. The play is set in the present-day living room of a British Mother, who has taken hostage a Politician. The mother’s life is closely linked to those historical events of the Northern Ireland ‘troubles’ and the more recent conflicts in Afghanistan. Below are a few examples from the score.


“Awkward Turtle Flips the Bird” (2013)

“Awkward Turtle Flips the Bird” (2013), another production from the pen of Terry Victor, explores the wide variety and uses of visual slang. We decided that one major aspect of the music for this production should be the use of repeated patterns. These patterns (or ‘ostinati’) were designed to help emphasize the actors’ persistent actions throughout the performance. Below are three examples from the show.


“Clarissa” (2018)

“Clarissa” (2018), another production from the pen of Terry Victor. For this version of his one-woman play, Terry wanted all the music to use the main themes from “Toot-Toot-Tootsie Goo’bye”. Below are some examples from the show.


Other Theatre Productions

“WINNIE-THE-POOH” (2010) was an open-air production, and there was need here for a “Prologue” in order to set the scene. The band consisted of Clarinet, Cello & Piano, and in keeping with the style of the story, I marked the tempo of this Prologue: “afternoonily”!

“UBU ROI” (2013) was an production at Trinity College Carmarthen. “Song of Poland” is a drinking song, and the vocal and chorus parts in the original are represented here by brass instruments.

“ANIMAL FARM” (1998) was performed by the National Youth Theatre of Wales in Theatre Brecheiniog, Brecon. This version of “Harvest” is the reprise of the first (happier) Harvest scene in Act One. As it’s now late on in the story, the piccolo trumpet here deliberately cuts across the natural ending of the piece, emphasizing the unstoppable supremacy of the pigs.


Music for Friends

“Dance of the Patella” (2014) was written for a relative who had broken their knee. It was not just created to help cheer them up, but also to facilitate toe-tapping exercise to strengthen leg muscles!

“Dathliad” (2016) is a tone-poem (the title means ‘Celebration’ in Welsh) composed specially for a friend’s ‘significant’ birthday this year. The excerpt here is the opening section.


Earlier Demo Pieces

“Celtic Theme”, “Comedy” & “Sea Odyssey” (Early 1990s) were all created using a Roland U20 PCM Keyboard, combined with Cubase Sequencer, and subsequently mastered in Audacity.

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